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Contact a College Admissions Counselor

For a list of Fayette Academy’s college admissions counselors, please click here.

AP Credit Policy Search

Find colleges and universities that offer credit or placement for AP scores by clicking here.

College Day Policy

Whenever possible, please schedule college visits during fall break, spring break, and school holidays. If it is necessary to miss class to visit a college, we ask that parents and students observe our college day policy.

College days are a privilege granted to juniors and seniors in order for them to visit colleges that they are interested in attending. Each junior and senior is allowed three (3) days during the school year. All college days must be taken prior to May 1 unless the student receives a formal invitation from the college. Form steps must be completed in sequential order and returned to Student Services at least 3 days prior to the requested College Day in order to be approved.


  • Step 1: Parent must complete Name, Date, College, and Signature portion of form.
  • Step 2: Student must obtain Administrator Signature (Head of School or Upper School Counselor).
  • Step 3: Student must obtain signatures and assignments from each of his/her teachers
  • Step 4: Student must return completed form to Student Services.

The College Day will be initially marked unexcused until a signed verification form from the college is returned to Student Services at which time it will be marked as a College Day, which does not count against a student’s absences. For help scheduling a college tour with your institution of choice, click here.

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