Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Fayette Academy is proud to partner with the University of Tennessee Martin to offer Dual Enrollment classes to our junior and senior classes. Fayette Academy currently offers 2 dual enrollment courses for a total of 12 college credits.

  • Math 140/170 (College Algebra and Trigonometry
  • History 201/202 (History of the U.S. I & II)

Fayette Academy will also accept elective credit for dual enrollment courses taken on UT Martin Somerville campus. However courses taken off of Fayette Academy campus will only satisfy elective graduation requirements and course grades will not be factored into Fayette Academy’s grade point averages. 


1. Applicants must be a Tennessee resident for one year
2. Students must be in 11th or 12th grade 
3. Students must have a high school GPA of 3.0
4. Returning applicants must have a cumulative 2.75 college GPA to remain eligible.
5. Students must have completed the appropriate pre-requisite courses

Financial Aid

The University of Tennessee Martin offers Fayette Academy students FREE dual enrollment for up to four classes through the TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant and UT Martin’s Dual Advantage Scholarship. This means students can take one semester of college for free on Fayette Academy’s campus! See flyer here. 

Students must complete the Dual Enrollment Grant Application offered through TSAC by the September deadline.

Applying for Aid

  • 1. Click here for TSAC registration site
  • 2. First time applicants will click on “Click to Register”, then on “Create a Log In”. Students must complete all required fields, then click on “Create My Account”.
  • 3. Next, the student will click on “Click here to log in to your account and apply online.”
  • 4. The student will enter their User Name and click on “Log In”, then enter their Password and click on “Log In”. First time applicants must click on “Accept” to accept the User Agreement.
  • 5. The student will click on “Apply for Scholarships”, then scroll down and click on “Dual Enrollment Grant” for the academic year (example, “Dual Enrollment Grant 2017-2018), then on “I Agree” for the DEG Program General Requirements and Instructions. Students must complete all required fields.
  • 6. For the “Additional Student Information Section”, the first three answers should be “NO”, and the last answer should be “Yes”.
  • 7. For the “College/University” field, the student will select “University of TN, Martin, 003531-00” (sixth from the bottom of the list).
  • 8. The student will select “Continue”, then check the box at the bottom, then click on “Next”, then click on “OK”.
  • 9. The student can confirm the application was submitted by clicking on “View Financial Summary” . . . any applications applied for will be listed under “Program Name” with the “Current Application Status” as “Pending Verification”.
  • 10. The student will click on “Log Out”.