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Athletic Director, Shane Russell

Shane Russell attended Fayette Academy from Kindergarten until his senior year of high school. Coach Russell played basketball for the Vikings throughout middle and high school, and graduated in the top half of his class. After graduating from the University of Memphis, Coach Russell returned to his alma mater in 1999 as a classroom teacher and coach. During his time at Fayette Academy Coach Russell has taught middle school science and social studies, as well as coached a variety of sports including cross country, tennis, golf, middle school basketball, and varsity boy’s basketball. The longest and most successful coaching term was 10 years as the varsity boys’ basketball coach.

After 10 years of coaching varsity basketball, Coach Russell served 5 years as the Middle School Athletic Director. He is now in his second year as the Upper School Athletic Director at Fayette Academy. During his time as Athletic Director, Shane has increased revenue for the athletic department through corporate sponsorships, updated the school’s athletic handbook, and overseen a variety of improvements to both indoor and outdoor athletic facilities.

Shane has a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Memphis, a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University and is a NIAAA Certified Athletic Administrator.

Participation in athletics can play an essential role in the development of our students into productive young adults as they prepare to take their place in society. While there is an obvious benefit to our students derived from the physical exertion and conditioning required to be involved in athletics, there are also many lessons in character development to be learned in the athletic arena. To be successful in athletics, students must develop the traits of hard work and dedication to a goal, build teamwork skills, take responsibility for their actions, and overcome failure. These students must also learn to manage their time and prioritize wisely to avoid neglecting other things, such as academics, family, and their spiritual life that are of even greater importance. Fayette Academy is committed to offering a diverse athletic program that addresses as many of our students’ interests as possible while helping our athletes reach their maximum athletic potential in an environment that always emphasizes the value of competition and true sportsmanship.

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