Support Fayette Academy

Private school’s financial support comes only in the form of tuition and gifts. Fayette Academy was reestablished as a 501(c)3 effective July 2000. This means that parents and friends may now deduct contributions given to Fayette Academy. With the 501(c)3 status, the future of Fayette Academy is limited only by your participation and support of this great institution.

Fayette Academy is vital to the continued growth and economic development of Somerville and Fayette County. In addition to enjoying an outstanding academic reputation, the school has remained on a sound financial basis. Simply put, Fayette Academy’s Board of Directors and Headmasters have done an excellent job in providing outstanding educational opportunities for our students on a very limited financial basis.

Fayette Academy continues to provide the children of our area with a quality education. We are committed to a strong academic curriculum at FA. Our graduates excel on the college level in universities such as Christian Brothers, Rhodes, University of Tennessee, Mississippi State, University of Memphis, Ole Miss, Alabama, and Auburn.

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