Middle School

Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is a year of transition from elementary to the middle school. To help ease this transition, the sixth grade is semi-departmentalized. For the first time, students change classes during the school day. English, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and geography are taught. Accelerated Reader and STAR Reading are included in the reading program. Students take beginning band. Students work with the band director to choose an instrument and are given instruction in playing that instrument. Each student is assigned a locker which is located in the same hall as the classrooms. Opportunities for extracurricular activities include football, basketball, cheerleading, baseball, and softball.

Sixth Grade Curriculum: English, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Geography, Band, Technology, and Physical Education

Seventh Grade Curriculum: English, Math, Science, Tennessee History, Technology, Fine Art, and Physical Education.

Eighth Grade Curriculum: English, Pre-Algebra or Algebra, Physical Science, American History, Spanish, Fine Art, and Physical Education.

Middle School Advanced Courses

Students enrolled in Algebra I in the eighth grade will receive high school credit if they earn at least a B (80) in that class for the year. The numerical grade received for these high school credits earned in the eighth grade will not be included when calculating the student’s high school GPA (Grade Point Average). Students earning an Algebra I credit in the eighth grade will still be required to take one math class each of the four years in high school. Students earning a C (79) or lower in Algebra I in the eighth grade will be required to repeat Algebra I in the ninth grade.

Evaluation of Upper and Middle School student academic performance is expressed by means of letter and number grades. Quarterly, semester and yearly honors rolls for Middle School are Upper School are posted.


CTP tests, which specifically test the amount of verbal and quantitative skills retained in the classroom, are given in grades three through seven in the fall.


In the eighth and ninth grades, Fayette Academy starts preparing students for college admissions testing in the spring with the ASPIRE test, which covers math, English, reading comprehension, and science reasoning. The ASPIRE also provides a prediction score for the ACT.

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