Our future walks in the door at Fayette Academy each day in the form of girls and boys with smiling faces, busy hands and eager hearts. The teachers at Fayette Academy are dedicated to creating an atmosphere in which each child will feel important and, therefore, motivated to learn. Our kindergarten program addresses all dimensions of a child’s development: physical, social, emotional, spiritual and academic, building on what the children have already learned at home and preschool. Our program offers children opportunities to develop skills in reading, math, and science, as well as allowing them to develop physical skills in p.e. Their interactions in a group setting give children the chance to enhance personal and social responsibility and to communicate effectively. Our goal is for our students to see themselves as capable and competent learners. One teacher and one full time assistant are present in each of our three kindergarten classrooms. We use the series Journey by HMH for our language arts program and Saxon Math. Our children go to p.e. twice a week, and once a week they go to the school library, art and music. Each day begins with a Bible story and prayer, and discipline is based on the principle of the “Golden Rule.”