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Students in Mrs. Angelia’s Spanish class use their ipads during their lesson. Elem. Spanish 3_3_17

Augmented Reality

Second grade students in  Kathy Shemwell’s class at Fayette Academy are studying the solar system in science.  As a part of this unit they used their iPads and an augmented reality app to view the planets in 3-D.

Elementary computer is taught by Dee Evans.

Solar1 Solar2 Solar3

Kindergarten Celebrates “100” Day

The Fayette Academy kindergarten students recently celebrated their 100th day of school.  The day was filled with many exciting activities such as counting by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s to one hundred, jumping and clapping to one hundred, reading books about 100th day, coloring a giant snake that was 100 inches long and working on several fun worksheets about 100 days of school.

Each child created a project that contained 100 items. After they presented their project, they drew a picture of their project.  The students danced for 100 seconds several times and sang songs about 100 days.  At snack they ate some yummy heart-shaped cookies that were decorated with 100.

100 day

Front row: Keir Kee, Cole Campiche, Haley Grace Cherry, Oliver Williams, Walker Graves, Kallie Wells, Miller Derryberry, Ainsley Bryan, Bennett Perry, Buckley Goddard, Samuel Neill, Rusch Ocker, and Haven Pittman

Middle row: Brooks Culver, Carly Isom, Coley Russell, Mabel Grace Pattat, Waverly Smith, Caroline Robinson, Aiden Howard, Jamie Reeves, Jaelyn Martin, Adalyn Presley, Kit Acker, Kaylee Tarr, Greyson Rasberry, Anna Claire Phillips and Landen Pattat

Back row: Gibson Pennel, Carson Sullivan, Jac Crawford, Alexis Rich, Harrison Douglas, Gabe Davis, Gentry Roland and Haley Newman


Special Guest Reads to Kindergarten

Head of School, Courtney Burnette was the special guest of Kitara Acker, who is a student in Dinah Armour’s class.  Mrs. Burnette chose Elmer and Wilbur  to read to the students.

1_27_17 1_27_17b

IPads in the Classroom




This week the First Graders at Fayette Academy were introduced to EPIC! on their IPads.  Epic! is an app for children 12 and under.  It offers a large selection of eBooks that can be instantly discovered, read, and shared with friends.  They had a great time with their new app, and think it’s great that they can read a new book whenever they want to.

Students shown are in Mrs. Linda Gail Douglas’s first grade class.Dee Evans is the Elementary Tech.

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