Athletic Handbook


It is the expectation of the Fayette Academy Board of Directors, administration, and staff, as well as that of our parents, patrons, and alumni, that our students will conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect not only to themselves, their peers, and the school staff but also to the great heritage and history of the school itself. While any Code of Student Conduct may contain specific violations and consequences, there are three basic pillars of the Fayette Academy Code of Student Conduct that will cover almost all situations:

  1. Always show the same respect to those with whom you come into contact as you would like for them to show to you.
  2. Always take the time to think before making decisions concerning matters that could negatively impact your future, especially those matters that deal with our Code of Honor, Code of Conduct, or other expectations we hold for all our students.
  3. Always just do what you know is right. If a situation arises in which you are not certain what is right, ask someone in a position of authority for advice.