All athletes at Fayette Academy are governed by a “NO PASS, NO PLAY” policy that supersedes and is more stringent than TSSAA guidelines. At the midpoint of each nine-week grading period (Progress Reports), the Athletic Director’s office will notify the student, his/her parent(s), and the coach if the student is in danger of becoming academically ineligible to participate in athletics. A student is considered to be in danger if he/she is failing two or more subjects. When notified, the student is placed on probation and will have two weeks to improve his/her grades. If the grades do not improve during the probation period, the student is athletically ineligible to participate in any sporting event until the nine-week period ends. Probation will only be an option for the two week period immediately following a Progress Report and not at the conclusion of a nine-week grading period. If the student is not academically eligible at the end of the nine-week period, the student shall remain ineligible until the next reporting period (Progress Report), at which time the student may regain his/her eligibility if the academic deficiency is corrected. Athletic eligibility for the third quarter will be determined by the student’s first semester average.


TSSAA (Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association) sets the eligibility guidelines for student athletic participation for the State of Tennessee. Students on track to graduate in 2013 or later are required to earn six credits the preceding year to be eligible to participate, while students on track to graduate prior to 2013 are required to pass five subjects to remain eligible. Students ineligible at the end of the school year may regain their eligibility for spring sports by meeting the requirements at the end of the fall semester. Additionally, any student who reaches nineteen years of age on or before August 1st is ineligible for the upcoming year. Also, students that are sixty days or more behind in tuition payments are ineligible. More information is available at www.tssaa.org. These guidelines may be superseded by Fayette Academy’s more stringent guidelines.

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