Athletic Director: Shane Russell

Shane Russell attended Fayette Academy from Kindergarten until his senior year of high school. Coach Russell played basketball for the Vikings throughout middle and high school, and graduated in the top half of his class. After graduating from the University of Memphis, Coach Russell returned to his alma mater in 1999 as a classroom teacher and coach. During his time at Fayette Academy Coach Russell has taught middle school science and social studies, as well as coached a variety of sports including cross country, tennis, golf, middle school basketball, and varsity boy’s basketball. The longest and most successful coaching term was 10 years as the varsity boys’ basketball coach.

After 10 years of coaching varsity basketball, Coach Russell served 5 years as the Middle School Athletic Director. He is now in his second year as the Upper School Athletic Director at Fayette Academy. During his time as Athletic Director, Shane has increased revenue for the athletic department through corporate sponsorships, updated the school’s athletic handbook, and overseen a variety of improvements to both indoor and outdoor athletic facilities.

Shane has a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Memphis, a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University and is a NIAAA Certified Athletic Administrator.

Assistant Athletic Director/ Middle School Game Administrator: Hal Montague

Athletic Secretary: Becky Bartholomew


Participation in athletics can play an important role in the development of our students into productive young adults as they prepare to take their place in society. While there is an obvious benefit to our students derived from the physical exertion and conditioning required to be involved in athletics, there are also many lessons in character development to be learned in the athletic arena. To be successful in athletics, students must develop the traits of hard work and dedication to a goal, develop teamwork skills, take responsibility for their actions, and overcome failure. These students must also learn to manage their time and prioritize wisely to avoid neglecting other things, such as academics, family, and their spiritual life that are of even greater importance. Fayette Academy is committed to offering a diverse athletic program that addresses as many of our students’ interests as possible, while helping our athletes reach their maximum athletic potential in an environment that always emphasizes the value of competition and true sportsmanship.


TSSAA (Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association) sets the eligibility guidelines for student athletic participation for the State of Tennessee. Students on track to graduate in 2013 or later are required to earn six credits the preceding year to be eligible to participate, while students on track to graduate prior to 2013 are required to pass five subjects to remain eligible. Students ineligible at the end of the school year may regain their eligibility for spring sports by meeting the requirements at the end of the fall semester. Additionally, any student who reaches nineteen years of age on or before August 1st is ineligible for the upcoming year. Also, students that are sixty days or more behind in tuition payments are ineligible. More information is available at These guidelines may be superseded by Fayette Academy’s more stringent guidelines.


All athletes at Fayette Academy are governed by a “NO PASS, NO Play” policy that supersedes and is more stringent than TSSAA guidelines. At the midpoint of each nine-week grading period (Progress Reports), the Athletic Director’s office will notify the student, his/her parent (s), and the coach if the student is in danger of becoming academically ineligible to participate in athletics. A student is considered to be in danger if he/she is failing two or more subjects. When notified, the student is placed on probation and will have two weeks to improve his/her grades to a 65 or higher. If at the end of the two week probation period the student is still failing two or more subjects, that student will be academically ineligible to participate in any sporting event until the end of the 9 weeks period. If the student is not academically eligible at the end of the nine-week period, the student shall remain ineligible until the next reporting period (Progress Report), at which time the student may regain his/her eligibility if the academic deficiency is corrected. If a student athlete has not been placed on academic probation during a 9 week grading period, but has 2 or more failing grades at the end of the 9 weeks, he/she will be placed on academic probation for the first two weeks of the following 9 week period. At the end of the 2 week probation period, if the student still has 2 or more failing grades, they will be ineligible until progress reports are issued. Athletic eligibility for the third quarter will be determined by the student’s first semester average.


Students must be in attendance at school for a minimum of four periods during the school day in order to be allowed to practice or participate in a game or scrimmage that same day. At the discretion of the administration, and with a doctor’s statement or other acceptable excuse (i.e. College Day, Senior Day), this provision may be waived. As stated in our Athletic Philosophy, academic success is always a priority over athletic participation. Athletes having excessive absenteeism are subject to having the privilege of participating in athletics taken away until such time as the attendance problem is corrected.


As specified by TSSAA guidelines, no student is allowed to participate in any athletic event or practice until such time as a completed Sports Physical signed by the medical staff who administered the physical exam and by the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student is on file with the Athletic Director’s office. These Sports Physical forms may be obtained in either the Administrative Office or the Athletic Director’s Office. It is the responsibility of the athlete and the parent(s)/guardian(s) to see that this requirement is met.  Athletic physical forms are located on the website under the Athletics page.


It is the responsibility of each athlete at Fayette Academy to conduct himself/herself in such a manner as to present a positive reflection on the Fayette Academy Athletic Program. As referenced in Fayette Academy’s Athletic Philosophy, developing and exhibiting good sportsmanship, regardless of the situation, is one of our core values and goals. Students not fulfilling this requirement are subject to being denied the privilege of participating in our athletic program, at the discretion of the coach or the school administration. The TSSAA has specific guidelines concerning the conduct of athletes at all its sporting events, and failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in severe penalties to the school, in addition to harming the reputation and image of the school.


Parents and other spectators at our athletic events, both at home games and road games, also have a responsibility to conduct themselves in such a manner as to represent Fayette Academy in a positive manner, exhibiting good sportsmanship at all times. Inappropriate conduct by the adults at athletic contests may also bring sanctions against Fayette Academy by the TSSAA. The Fayette Academy Board of Directors retains the right to take corrective action against any spectators violating these guidelines.


Any athlete suffering an injury during any Fayette Academy athletic contest or practice should immediately report the injury to his/her coach. At the first opportunity following the injury, both the athlete and coach are required to report the injury to the Athletic Secretary. The coach will fill out an Accident Report Form and file it in the Athletic Director’s Office. The Athletic Secretary will then provide the parent(s)/guardian(s) with a Claim Form to fill out and submit to the school’s insurance provider. Failure to complete and submit this form by the parent(s)/guardian(s) may result in any subsequent claim being denied.


The Fayette Academy Athletic Booster Club is a support organization that helps fund the costs of all athletic programs at Fayette Academy. While the membership is mostly made up of parents of current athletes, membership is open to anyone having a desire to support the athletic program at our school. One of the major fundraising efforts conducted by the club is the sale of the football stadium seats and seats in the Sam Garner Gym each year prior to the beginning of our fall athletic seasons.


Viking Passes can be purchased through the Athletic Department.  This purchase helps support all the athletic programs at Fayette Academy.  The Viking Passes allow you admittance into all home athletic events.  (Exception:  TSSAA Tournament games.)