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fayette academy athletic insurance

Fayette Academy has a continuing concern about the increasing cost of medical care as it relates to both students and athletic accidents. As a result of this concern, we have purchased a program of blanket student and athletic accident coverage for all students.
This program is intended to supplement your family or employer group coverage or plan. It is NOT designed to replace your present coverage. Please review the information contained on this sheet. It is intended to be a brief description of the coverage and is not the policy. The policy is held by the school.

The coverage is for medical bills only resulting from ACCIDENTS that take place during supervised and sponsored school activities including the official play and practice of interscholastic sports. An accident is defined as an unexpected, sudden and definable event which is the direct cause of a bodily injury, independent of any illness or congenital predisposition. Conditions which result from participation in school activities do not necessarily constitute an accident. Illnesses, disease, degeneration and conditions caused by continued stress to a particular area of the body and existing conditions aggravated or exacerbated by an accident are NOT covered.

The plan is excess coverage and payment is made only after payment has been made by the primary carrier. If you are a member of an HMO/PPO, the proper procedures outlined by that plan must be followed before this coverage has any liability.
Treatment by a licensed practitioner of medicine must begin within 30 days of the accident. Only expenses incurred within 90 days of the date of the original accident are considered. Benefits are determined by the REASONABLE AND NECESSARY charges for the geographic region.

If a claim is otherwise payable and it is denied by your family or employer group coverage or plan because your deductible has not been met, this coverage will apply.

If your son or daughter should be injured in a school activity, report the accident to the athletic secretary immediately. The person responsible for the student at the time of the accident will fill out an accident report and file it in the athletic office. The athletic secretary will provide to the parents/guardian a claim form to complete and file with Scholastic Insurors, INC. If you should have any questions about the claim filing procedure, please call – 1-800-872-1953.


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