Academic Programs

Fayette Academy’s academic program begins with the philosophy and mission to empower students to optimize their potential, and to be productive and caring Christians in tomorrow’s world. 

Fayette Academy employs fifty-two full-time and three part-time certified teachers whose average teaching experience is eighteen years, two administrators, two guidance counselors, a librarian and twenty-four support staff. Forty-two percent of the faculty at Fayette Academy hold a Master’s degree or above. The student/teacher ratio is a low fourteen to one. The school year is divided into two semesters of ninety days each. The school day is composed of seven class periods and a lunch period. Middle and high school students have the opportunity to pursue a variety of interests. Fayette Academy offers educational programs for students Pre-K through 12th grade. Fayette Academy offers an Honors program for both middle school and high school students. In addition, high school students have the option of pursuing a College Preparatory Program which offers Advanced Placement coursework in AP Biology, AP Calculus and AP Literature and Composition, and AP US History. Fayette Academy is proud that our current graduation rate is one hundred percent.

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