Academic Philosophy

It is the belief of the faculty, staff, administration, and Board of Directors of Fayette Academy that we have a great responsibility to provide the academic programs and support necessary to prepare our students for whatever educational or career path they choose upon graduation from Fayette Academy. We recognize there are several key components necessary for us to fulfill this responsibility to our students, and we are committed to a consistent approach directed toward achieving and maintaining excellence in all of these areas. Some of these key components are the following:

• Attaining, training, and retaining a professional teaching staff composed of educators who are fully certified, endorsed, and qualified in the areas they teach

• Adhering to a well-defined academic curriculum that is aligned with state, national, ACT, SAT, and college readiness standards

• Providing a safe and orderly environment in which students are encouraged to maximize their academic potential and develop the skills necessary to interact in a mature and respectful manner with peers, thus developing into well-rounded young adults ready to take their place in society

• Providing a variety of programs including academics, fine arts, and athletics that allow our students ample opportunity to pursue areas of interest to them

• Providing opportunities for our students to participate in clubs, organizations, and service activities that facilitate growth in leadership skills, spirituality, and character